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Board Members


Patty P.

II've been volunteering in animals rescues for 10 years now. I started by fostering one dog and have since learned so many aspects of rescue. I've met some incredible people along the way, all with the same passion for helping those that can't help themselves. It is one of the most rewarding things I've done in life and I feel fortunate to be making a difference in the lives of the dogs we help. Seeing a rescue dog on day one in our rescue and the amazing transformation once they have a comfortable safe place to sleep, food in their belly, love, consistency and medical care gives me all the motivation I need to keep going. I have 3 grown children an 5 grandchildren, all of whom love animals and support our rescue. I love showing and teaching my grandkids compassion for animals, after all, they are the future rescuers of the world!


Kim Z.

Always had a love for dogs, grew up bringing home the strays. After adopting my first dog I found myself starting to help the rescue. Since then i have been involved in many of the different aspects of the rescue.


Marianne A.

I have been a believer in pet adoptions since I was a child. A family friend took me to Chicago Humane Society where I picked out my first dog at age 6! About 15 years ago I met Patty at a dog park. Patty was fostering and I was becoming more knowledgeable in the rescue world. I wanted to make a difference and I knew I could use my accounting skills to help dogs behind the scenes. I was asked if I was interested in volunteering, I agreed and became the treasurer to New Start Dog Rescue. My husband is now also a volunteer. We enjoy spending time with our family (human and furry) 


Our rescue is 100% volunteer and foster-based. We do not have a facility and all our dogs are in foster homes. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without them! 

Nicole A, Marianne A, Steve A, Melissa A, Keith A, Paula A, Bridget A, Brenda A, Frank B, Samantha B, Barb B, Barb B, Rachel B, Robert B, Melissa B, Sarah C, Lauren C, Avelina C, Tina G, Teresa C, Lizzy C, Jennifer D, Sarah D, Michelle D, Emily E, Donna E, Agnes F, Kinsey F, Kate F, Zac G, Kristen H, Brianna H, Alisa I, Shannon J, Michele K, Lilly K, Kirsten L, TJ L, Lauren L, Lauren M, Julie L, Kelli L, Tara L, Kelly L, Kirk L, Diana M, Brian M, Oriana M, Deborah M, Shelley M, Lisa N, Kristen O, Geri Ann P, George P, Jaime P, Nichole P, Alaina P, Holly P, Patty P, Brad P, Claudia P, Amelia P, Lori P, Tomas R, Aldona R, Alyssa S, Stephanie R, Victoria S, Megan S, Christine S, Jaclyn S, Gina S, Maureen S, Brian S, Joni S, Argern T, Rey T, Mary T, Steve T, Angela T, Melissa V, Michaella V, Deb W, Greg W, Jen W, Stephanie W, Grace W, Mary W, Magdalena W, Lindsey W, Kim Z, Tony Z, Ingrid Z, 

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