Our boy Noble needs help! Although his surgery has been postponed due to covid, he is in dire need of hip replacement surgery. Noble went to see an orthopedic surgeon and has been diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. He is just over a year old! This boy deserves the best quality of life and to be in as little pain as possible and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that happens. Noble’s surgery is very expensive and can cost upwards of $15,000 from the estimate we have been given. Please open your hearts and help us give Noble the medical help he needs! You can help by making a donation and/or sharing our fundraising posts while we go through this journey with him! In rescue we use the “it takes a village” phrase a lot. This is what we do in rescue. We help those that can’t help themselves. YOU are part of our village! We can’t do this without you. New Start Dog Rescue of IL is a small, volunteer run, total foster home run rescue. We depend on donations and fundraisers to keep afloat. 


Noble’s Story…

He came to us early January of this year from a wonderful group in Oklahoma that works tirelessly to save so many animals. They network with groups and transport them to several areas in surrounding states that can take them in and find them wonderful homes in more populated areas. They are their lifeline to that happy life! Noble came to them back in November and they focused on getting him to gain some weight and get some exercise to strengthen his back end. Prior to that he lived in a rural area with many other dogs and miscellaneous animals. This person meant well and tried to care for them all but it was too much. We know he was picked on by the other dogs on the property and never got enough to eat nor the proper nourishment.


As soon as we saw Noble’s photo and those big, brown, sad eyes, we knew we had to take him. We suspect Noble was born with his hip issues. He is just a little over a year old and he has the sweetest disposition. Everyone that meets him falls in love, how could you not? He is sweet and gentle and also has a silly goofy side when he lets himself show it. He’s discovered toys and bones are his favorite and he will gather them all around him, but yet does not guard them or have any aggression towards people or other dogs. 


On top of his medical issues, Noble is also very shy and timid in new surroundings. He lacks social skills but again, has no aggression. He is in a wonderful, caring foster home where they are working with him to expose him to new places and people, short trips to happy places to show him that it’s not such a scary place out there.

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